Crimes Against Love Manifesto
collaborative work made of Johnny Hostile’s photography and Jehnny Beth ‘s poetry.
because a life lived in fear is equal to no life at all
we won’t gamble our existence on the fickle world of ‘what will they think’
and wake up one day thinking we have wasted the wonderful fact of our own existence
we won’t worry about fear, jealousy, solitude
the system that weighs duty against desire and pronounces desire the looser
they’re all byproducts of love
unavoidable obstacles implanted in our chore
by generations of parents, grand-parents and all the people
who fall in love and yet are unhappy
and who blaming themselves for having lived too timidly
will attack us for having dared
we live on the other side of their wall
we break through their rules of loving
searching for our own alternative ways
no matter the morals agreed collectively
the prudishness and punishments
the accepted forms of loving, family, monogamy
and far too much imprisonment
in secret, in the safety of our apartments, inside our heads
we will create a space where they don’t belong
a place where we are free
our neighbours won’t know about it
our families won’t know about it
and those who think they can be part of it
but haven’t made the sacrifice
are not welcome
there, we will practise our secret rituals
with those who have defeated their fears
days and nights, out of sight and silently