Songwriter, singer, and multi-disciplinary artist Jehnny Beth will release her debut collection of short stories, Crimes Against Love Memories (C.A.L.M), alongside a limited edition art book of photographs by Johnny Hostile on 9th July 2020 via White Rabbit. Both books were designed by Brian Roettinger from Willo Perron studio.

‘C.A.L.M. presents adventures in…abject passion with a forensic detachment that recalls Bataille, De Sade, Anais Nin and Patrick Suskind’ – The Quietus

‘Sexualised, strange and absurdist stories, told through different voices, fragmented but clear.’ – CRACK Magazine

A manifesto in the form of erotic monologues and dialogues, set to arouse and enlighten, Beth’s stories are punctuated by Hostile’s intimate photographs: they are the seeds from which her stories grew.

“The genesis of this book goes back to the year 2017 when Johnny and I fell in love with photography and prose respectively. C.A.L.M first emerged as a collaboration between his photographs and my writing. I was responding to the creativity he was inspiring me everyday, taking photos of our friends and myself at home. Johnny empowered me by giving me the reality of that life which created C.A.L.M, and helped me to maintain it over the years.” says Jehnny.

The full set of images are collected in a limited edition photo book and will be released simultaneously. Both books look set to establish Jehnny Beth and Johnny Hostile as two of the bravest and most provocative voices in fiction and erotic art today.

order a copy of the art book or the collection of novels here