Taking place over three evenings on London’s South
Bank, this year’s Widow Series celebrates radical
moments in British music culture under the creative
narration of designer and art director Tom Hingston.
Each year, through the Widow Series, Veuve Clicquot
invites a different creative visionary to take inspiration
from the Maison’s story and interpret it in their
own unique way.
Led by the spirit of innovation that Madame Clicquot
embodied, this year’s Widow Series chapters the most
significant moments in the Veuve Clicquot story,
via a journey through British subculture.
Presented in the form of a nightclub – the catalyst
for talent, radical thinking and visionary ideas –
REBELS embraces music, fashion, film and art
installation to tell the story of a modern revolution.
Exploring a series of parallels with the key chapters
in Madame Clicquot’s story, Tom Hingston’s REBELS
sees some of the UK’s most forward-thinking talent
bring his unique vision to life, from the rebellion
of punk, through the subversion of identity, to the
culture of mass celebration.
C.A.L.M room 02 floor 1
Created by Jehnny Beth, singer with the band
Savages, and her partner and producer Johnny
Hostile, this secret space offers a new departure
for the duo. A hypnotic installation that blends
Hostile’s photographic work with Beth’s poetry
and fiction, C.A.L.M – CRIMES AGAINST LOVE
MANIFESTO offers an insight into their intimate
world. Set against an otherworldy soundtrack of
white noise, the viewer is confronted with images
that unnerve, provoke and entice. Beth’s words have
a sense of rebellious femininity, challenging the social
conventions of love and relationships, sexuality and
privacy – and those ‘who blaming themselves for
having lived too timidly / will attack us for having
dared / we live on the other side of their wall’.